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Today a plataform to help internet companies and startups! From Peru to the world today here on Startups Stars.

What is StartupRanking and how did you get the idea?

StartupRanking is a metastartup company that provides startups with important information about their metrics and statistics in the web and the mobile worlds. Metrics and statistics for each startup are updated daily, this way the evolution of each one can be tracked.
StartupRanking generates a unique ranking for every startup worldwide. This ranking is generated by a proprietary algorithm developed by the StartupRanking team. This algorithm utilizes factors such as Facebook engagement, Tweeter engagement and SEO internal as well as external factors like inbound and outbound links. This algorithm generates a new ranking every day from the fluctuation of these factors.The entrepreneurs from around the world can visit Startup Ranking every day and track the evolution of their startups and their competence.Each startup can claim an already registered startup through a validation process. This way each startup can update its profile information such as description and founders.

Everything started three weeks ago. We decided to implement a tool that will help us researching benchmarks about startups worldwide. We built a simple prototype, which immediately decided to share in some cities around the world and fortunately the acceptance has been very good. Since then, we have over 1000 registered startups and we are striving to offer the best benchmarking resources to all entrepreneurs in the world.”

What are you looking for your startup?

“Right now we are looking to expand StartupRanking worldwide, for which we are launching a listing feature, which allows to create public or private lists to track startups easier, for example the startups winners from contests or incubators worldwide.”

How do you think about monetize your company?

“The business model is something we are still developing internally, as for now we are focused on growing StartupRanking; we want tostartupranking2 be a reference site in the world of startups and for now we have the resources necessary to reach this goal.”

Tell us about your team.

“Our team consists of Jonathan Nieto (Software Architect), the project lead, responsible for the software development; Edgar Vivas (IT Researcher), creative director, responsible for daily operations and head of communications; and Julio Rodriguez (Advisor), SEO expert analyst.”

What is the social role of your company?

“We strive to give the best possible information, as metrics and statistics, for startups to be able to follow their evolution over time.”




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